When was the school established?

The Master’s School was founded in 1993 to offer children of San Marcos and surrounding areas a challenging curriculum, which combines excellent academic opportunities with a Christian philosophy and environment.

What is Classical Education?

The classical teaching model is a time-proven educational method. Classical education refers both to the teaching approach and the content of the curriculum. The classical teaching methodology is based on what is referred to as the “Trivium”, or a three-pronged approach to each subject. Beginning with the Grammar, the student studies the basic particulars of each subject. Logic (or dialectic) deals with the reasoning, which ties all the various particulars together. It gives one the basis for integrating bodies of knowledge and proving the correct relationships in and between subjects. Rhetoric focuses on the clear and effective expression of facts, ideas, and relationships through written and oral presentations. These three master disciplines, or tools of learning-Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric-are applied to every subject.

Are you accredited?

Yes, The Master’s School is fully accredited by the Texas Education Agency through the Accreditation Commission of the Texas Association of Baptist Schools. The school is also a member of Association of Christian Schools International.

Are you affiliated with a church?

No, we are a non-denominational, non-profit Christian ministry directed by a Board of Trustees. Our Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and families represent a variety of Christian churches in the area.

Are your teachers certified?

All teachers at The Master’s School meet Texas Education Agency certification requirements and are experienced educators.

What is your teacher to student ratio?

To protect the integrity of The Master’s School educational program and the classical education philosophy, class sizes are carefully monitored. Typcially, classes are kept to fifteen students or less.

What does your school offer that sets it apart from others?

Students are offered a rich humanities, arts, and social studies curriculum that integrates the study of literature and the arts with the study of history and geography. Students grow to understand the present and gain perspective on the future through acquiring knowledge of the past.

Work done in language arts and math is accelerated and designed to be on the average one year advanced in comparison to what is generally accepted as grade level. Student progress is evaluated against our curriculum requirements and through the use of yearly achievement testing.

We provide art instruction, Spanish and music in all grades, Latin beginning in fourth grade, and Leadership beginning in fifth grade. We draw upon the heritage of western civilization and culture, emphasizing classical literature, art and music. The Master’s School features an optional choir, Discipulos de Cantis, for interested students. An after school program is also available.

Each year students choose an independent project for presentation to showcase their personal interests and skills. Also, each class annually chooses a service project in which each class member participates to benefit those outside the school. Typically the project is either a single event or series of ongoing activities.
As a Christian school, we hold Scripture as Truth. As such a Biblical worldview undergirds all academic studies. Bible study in the classroom begins each day and a school-wide chapel highlights Friday mornings.